08 October 2013

The Lead Up

The lead up The 16th century was a time of upheaval in the Netherlands…

08 October 2013

Reports and the Twisted Truth

When the VOC sailors came home, people were very attentive…

08 October 2013

The Wild Course

The Dutch East India Company didn’t only earn in terms of what they brought home, but also with the trade with Asian cities…

08 October 2013

In Scents and Colours

After the first VOC ships came back with their freight, inhabitants living close to the warehouses could smell the unknown exotic fragrances…

08 October 2013

Navigating at Sea

The people in the Middle Ages imagined the earth as flat as a pancake and surrounded by water. Above were the heavens and below water was hell…

08 October 2013

On Board

On board the crew of the VOC was very diverse. The seamen came from all across Europe…

08 October 2013

Critical Look

When the Russian tsar Peter the Great came to the Zaanstreek to learn the art of building a ship, he was a little disappointed…

08 October 2013

The first Multinational

When the route to the Indies was established companies began to crop up quickly. Many entrepreneurs favoured the idea of investing in the trade with Asia to make it rich…

08 October 2013

Huge Profits

During the set-up of the Dutch East India Company it looked like it was ahead of its time with shares being bought by all the social classes…

02 July 2013

With Different Eyes

With different eyes ‘’They’ve got red hair, blue eyes. They’re tall, have long faces and long noses with a white complexion…

01 July 2013

The Downfall

There are most certainly parallels which can be drawn between the past and present, which reflect on the demise of the VOC…

30 June 2013

After the East-Indian Trading Company

When the Dutch returned to Indonesia after the collapse of Napoleon, the situation had totally changed. The time of great profit on spices was over…